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A bold new plan for term limits

I’m tired of career politicians. In fact, almost every recent poll shows that a vast majority of Americans support the concept of term limits. The support for this idea is not partisan, it crosses political, gender, race and income boundaries as well. Who is opposed, you might ask? To no one’s surprise, those with a vested interest oppose term limits. Congressional aides, lobbyists, and other special interests who rely on politicians for their livelihood. 

What we have today is an ever growing political class in Washington. Because of redistricting, gerrymandered districts have created fewer and fewer competitive races. All this at a time when polls show Congress’ approval rating at all time lows. What gives? 
Here is the reality. The power of incumbency is so great, the influence of special interest money is so high, and the lack of incentive for Congress to act in a bipartisan manner is so strong that nothing is getting done. Therefore, you get nothing in return. While they continue to win and stay year after year, the real loser is you. 

It’s time to begin a national dialogue and to take a bold new approach to our entire election system. Those who desire to serve must know going in that they will not have the opportunity to run repeatedly and that their time spent will not be taken up by concerns about reelection, but rather true public service. 

My Plan 
All members of Congress, both House and Senate, should be restricted to ONE six year term of office with no ability to run for reelection. They would also be prohibited from taking a job with a lobbying firm for a period of 2 years from the expiration of their term. I believe this will accomplish the following: 

1. The only reason to run is to serve your constituents without fear of the political consequences. 
2. You can vote your conscience without the concern of how your vote will be viewed politically. 
3. Freedom from special interest groups: If you don’t need their money for the next campaign, or to secure favor for a future job, they can’t hold sway over your decisions. 
4. Term limits will provide an incentive to find actual solutions and to work to achieve meaningful action on controversial issues without the impact it will have on your political future or party pressures. 
5. A 6 year term is a long enough time to make a meaningful difference for your constituents. 
If you can’t accomplish anything in 6 years you shouldn't be returned anyway. Today’s system does not reward accomplishment and, to a great extent, prevents it. 
It’s time for new ideas and for a clean break from our broken system. Let’s start a national conversation on an issue almost all Americans already agree on. 

Committee to Elect Mike Marsicano
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