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Job Creation

We cannot realize the American Dream until we can provide a good paying job for our citizens. The 11th Congressional District was particularly hard hit by the recession, and while we are slowly recovering, we must work to provide job creation opportunities right here in PA. 

How do we approach job creation? 

*Close tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas. 
*Crack down on currency manipulation that's hurts Pa workers. 
*Encourage partnerships among our colleges, community leaders, and economic development in our town and cities to devise innovative approaches to job creation. 
*Fight for infrastructure upgrades throughout our district which would employ thousands repairing crumbling highways, bridges, and public buildings. 
*Fight to attract high paying technology jobs into the 11th District. 
*Work with small business leaders to provide incentives for job creation and retention such as income tax credits. 

These are proposals that are common sense ideas that support the middle class. They can and should enjoy bipartisan support. 

Committee to Elect Mike Marsicano
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